Aging well in Montreal

Aging well in Montreal

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Aging well in Montreal

Inside the ENHARMONIE residences, life is in full swing. No two residents are alike, have the same life course or the same expectations concerning the coming years. But whether they are more active or contemplative, intellectual, handy, reserved or of the rallying kind, they are all looking for a place to age well. A place that offers a fine quality of life, a feeling of safety, services that make daily life easier and an environment that enables them to thrive.

We understand this need to age well. All our residences are located on the island of Montreal. They are situated in friendly, lively neighbourhoods. Our rent is affordable and our offer is hassle-free: it includes one meal per day and most services.

Welcome to our residences! Here, we hope that you will find the peace of mind that will allow you to open up to others and to all the beautiful things in life.


I am an old Montrealer

I am a native Montrealer. I spent my adult life walking its neighbourhoods, working in its companies, talking with its people, connecting with its artists. I love my city. I love my life. I might have retired, but I am not taking a backseat. I still have many active years before me and I want to continue appreciating the people and the pleasures of Montreal. They are small, these pleasures, but comforting nonetheless. 

I am getting older and, like everyone, I am concerned about my health and my living conditions. I am looking for an apartment that is both accessible and comfortable. I want to feel safe. 

I have chosen the ENHARMONIE residences. I have chosen an apartment, but also a neighbourhood and a way of living. I will enjoy being served a tasty meal every day. I will be grateful to be close to my loved ones and close to all the things I have loved for so long. 

I am an old Montrealer and I feel at home right here.