Eligibility criteria

Eligibility criteria

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Our eligibility criteria

You must meet all of the following conditions in order to be eligible for an apartment in the ENHARMONIE network:

  • Your annual income is less than $33,500* for one person or a couple or less than $37,000 for two people not living as a couple (2-bedroom units only);
  • You are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident;
  • You are a Quebec resident;
  • All members of your household are 60 years of age or older.
  • Résidence Des Ateliers only: At the time of signing the lease, the tenant must reside on the territory of the Communauté métropolitain de Montréal. The tenant must be 75 years of age or older or must turn 75 years of age within 12 months of the date of occupancy. An exception may be made for persons 60 years of age and older with functional autonomy problems.

*As of October 2021. Your annual income exceeds this amount? You could still be eligible. In fact, 25% of the apartments in each residence can be rented to people whose income exceeds the maximum eligible amount. If this is your case or should you have any questions, please call the residence of your choice and talk to our client relations agent about our availabilities. 


Renting an apartment

To rent an apartment in an ENHARMONIE residence, call the residence directly. You will find the telephone number by clicking on the residence of your choice on the home page of our site. Our employees will be happy to indicate how to apply. 


Only at Résidence Des Ateliers: Subsidized apartments available

If you meet the eligibility criteria listed above, you may have access to one of the 96 subsidized apartments in this residence. The rent will be equivalent to 25% of your household income. The cost of mandatory services (meals, telephone, television, etc.) must be paid in full. Call us for more information at1 844 ENHARMONIE (1-844-364-2766). Our rental agent will verify your eligibility and explain how to apply.