Our activities at Alfredo-Gagliardi

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Join any of the various activities we have organized just for you.

Pool, Résidence Alfredo-Gagliardi


Whether you are a pro or a beginner, there is always a fun and relaxing atmosphere around the pool table. This morale booster is a great workout, helps sharpen your fine motor skills, keeps your brain in good shape and fosters friendships!

Scarpbooking, Résidence Alfredo-Gagliardi


Artistic and creative souls will find an activity to their liking. In this picture, a scrapbooking session with a community group intern.

Mobile Library, Résidence Alfredo-Gagliardi

Mobile Library

What a thrill to discuss literature with a librarian from the municipal library who comes to the residence with an assortment of books! She will help you discover new authors based on the ones you like already. 

Self-directed activities, Résidence Alfredo-Gagliardi

Self-directed activities

Our common room and library is perfect for those who want to spread out with a big puzzle.

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