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Join any of the various activities we have organized just for you.

A diversified calendar, Résidence Côte-Saint-Paul

A diversified calendar

The activities calendar lists regular activities, outings, pop-up shops, the hairdresser's availabilities and more. Don't miss a thing thanks to this simple tool.

Sports, Résidence Côte-Saint-Paul


A walking group on their way to get some fresh air. Sports activities are much more fun in a group, so don't be surprised to find that you'll want to exercise more once you have started! 

Art workshops, Résidence Côte-Saint-Paul

Art workshops

Artistic and creative souls will find an activity to their liking. In this picture, a group of residents coloring mandalas.

Fitness, Résidence Côte-Saint-Paul


Get moving with one of our fitness classes. Just a little, a lot or all-out…the pace is yours to choose!

Sugar shack, Résidence Côte-Saint-Paul

Special events

Special events mark the change of seasons. Say hello to spring with a little maple taffy on snow, celebrate summer with an ice cream tasting, join in a Halloween party...

Michèle Deslauriers at Côte-Saint-Paul

Inspiring encounters

The cultural life in our residence is open to the world. Numerous events are organized to spark discussions, present different perspectives or simply broaden horizons. Actress Michèle Deslauriers stopped by Côte-Saint-Paul during a tour organized by the Association des libraires du Québec to talk about literature. 

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