Our activities at Des Sources

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Join any of the various activities we have organized just for you.

A diversified calendar, Résidence Des Sources

A diversified calendar

The activities calendar lists regular activities, outings, pop-up shops, the hairdresser's availabilities and more. Don't miss a thing thanks to this simple tool.

Fitness, Résidence Des Sources


Get moving with one of our fitness classes. Just a little, a lot or all-out…the pace is yours to choose!

Art workshop, Résidence Des Sources

Art workshops

Artistic and creative souls will find an activity to their liking. In this picture, a group of residents learns how to arrange flowers into bouquets.

Self-directed activities, Résidence Des Sources

Self-directed activities

Those who enjoy board games will quickly find partners to join them.

Game room, Résidence Des Sources

A space to flourish

After lunch, it's time to make plans for the afternoon. Our common rooms are the perfect place to have a chat, play a game or do a puzzle.

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