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At Le Mile-End, people are just like you. The atmosphere is pleasant and friendly. People say "hello". They enjoy life.


Employees at your service

A residence for independent seniors also means employees dedicated to creating a pleasant living environment. Their job: to prepare delicious meals, serve you with a smile, keep the common areas impeccable, organize events and keep you safe. For example, the superintendent takes care of apartment repairs. If your faucet is leaking, he will fix it. The client relations agent can answer questions about your lease and help you with your tax credit and housing allowance applications. And the director? Well, he or she makes sure that everything runs smoothly!


A human touch at all times

An employee is available at reception every day, even on the weekend. It's reassuring to see a familiar face when you come home.


Committed residents

Some residents like to get involved in the democratic life of the residence. You can join any number of committees (menu, recreation, integration, etc.) to share your thoughts. You can also run for a seat on the Advisory Committee of Tenants, which discusses issues that affect all ENHARMONIE residences, or on the Board of Directors of the Office municipal d'habitation de Montréal, which has two tenant members.


I would have gone into theatre, but my father wouldn't hear of it,

says Lyse Couture, who lives at Résidence Le Mile-End. "I took nursing instead. I didn't want to teach or become a typist." She worked at a CLSC and a CHLSD. She rented rooms, and then mortgaged her house to buy an apartment building.

The years passed.

"I would have found myself all alone in an apartment, without regular human contact." Then, she saw an ad for Résidence Le Mile-End. "I told myself this was exactly where I'd like to be...hoping that I wasn't wrong! I have been here for 8 years now."

Lyse Couture describes herself as a woman on the go. "I'm far from being finished with life." Painting, singing, piano...The community garden just in front is very important to her. "You're outside, you're working...and you're having lots of fun!"

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