Construction is under way for the 11th ENHARMONIE residence

new ENHARMONIE residence in Rosemont

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This new residence will be situated at the intersection of Saint-Denis Street and Rosemont Boulevard, directly on top of the Rosemont metro station. A prime location right in the heart of Montreal!  

The residence will be called "Résidence Des Ateliers" in honour of the City of Montreal's municipal workshops that occupied the site for many years. It evokes the collaboration of different artisans and a place where everyone can contribute through their work or ideas. It is a fitting name for our new residence: respectful of each other's past and open to creating an inclusive living environment.

Construction started on September 3, 2019. If all goes as planned, the first residents will be able to move in during the fall of 2022. 


A residence with services for seniors 

Résidence Des Ateliers will offer 193 apartments for seniors of 75 years and older. Half of the units will be reserved for households that are eligible for the Rent Supplement Program, the others will be rented below the median market rent to households with low or modest income. 

The eligibility criteria have not yet been confirmed for this project.

Several services will be included in the rent, such as one meal per day, recreational activities and the presence of employees around the clock. 

For further information on this project, call the Housing Application Department of the Office municipal d'habitation de Montréal (OMHM) at 514-868-5588 and indicate that you are interested in being called back as soon as the eligibility criteria have been established.  


A network of affordable residences to help seniors age well in Montreal

There are currently 10 ENHARMONIE residences on the island of Montreal. No two residents are alike, have the same path of life or the same expectations concerning the coming years. But they are all looking for a place to age well. A place that offers a fine quality of life, a safe environment and services that make daily life easier.

We understand this desire to age well. Our residences are designed to be environments where seniors can thrive. To see where they are located, simply click on the map below.


For further information on the ENHARMONIE residences on the island of Montreal, follow this link. You can also follow us on Facebook for a glimpse inside our residences and their activities (in French)!